Get Free Instagram Followers to like these 6 Brands

A big following on social media proportionate to big online impact and in that context if you are able to gather a lot of free instagram followers you have an asset in marketing field.

If you are not a professional in Instagram brand marketing, then the best way to start your social media promotion right away to learn is hands-on from your competitors who are already masters in the field.

There is no harm when it comes to learning from your competitors. Rather you would be able to grow. Take a look at the world’s renowned entrepreneurs, athletes, executives, etc. Everyone is trying to study from their competitors. This article will tell you how some of the world’s best brands are using Instagram to market and earn likes from Instagram followers. Watch, learn and adapt.

  1. National Geographic

National Geographic is one of the popular channels which has its post spanning anywhere from the biggest cities to the smallest villages. They have successfully built an enormous follower base that reads more than 42.4 million followers. That’s a darn impressive number given that it originally started as a printed form of publication.

  1. WeWork

The brand is known for providing collaborative working spaces worldwide. It is, therefore, obvious that they will be showcasing pictures from these beautiful production places. But the good thing is that the brand showcases compelling pictures that make it impossible for the free Instagram followers to not like the photos. One of the key tricks that help them to produce compelling pictures is focusing a lot on the brand slogan – ‘Do What You Love’. The strategy helps them to step out of the cliché and post something that is enjoyable and infectiously engaging.

  1. Coca-Cola Argentine

Coca-Cola’s advertising strategy is all about being fun, happy, refreshing, playful and enjoying a good time. Again, as you can see, here is a brand that keeps the focus on celebrating the brand’s customer personality.

  1. Lorna Jane

How would you promote your brand on Instagram if you were not some large organization but rather solo? Lorna Jane will tell you how?  To give you a more personal introduction, Lorna Jane is a woman aged in her twenties or thirties who values looking good and enjoying an active lifestyle. To some extent, this is what forms her brand’s key target market. This is what her brand tries to bring out in the photos shared on Instagram – the true essence. In other words – the images are full of soul, spirit and heart.

  1. No Your City

This brand tries to focus more on pictures around the city than the people working behind-the-scenes. And the best part is that all the images are captured via the smartphones. If you are thinking that this might limit the technical aspects of photography, then no. The photos aim to focus more on a single subject while playing around with reflections, embracing the negative spaces and even finding all kinds of interesting stuff that are worth taking a shot.

  1. Califia Farms

Califia Farms are known for its natural beverage products and not to forget, its attractive style of packaging. Packaging is a very important part of marketing that can influence customer decisions. This is something that Califia Farms use to promote its products on the social media. Whether it is about making the bottles the main subject or using it in the context of a healthy lifestyle, Instagram is the perfect place that they have recognized for a long time.